Who am I?

Who I am doesn't matter, the journey however, that's the story. 


I could give you a story, short and sweet, but what would be the point of that? Work hard and you'll achieve your dreams. Believe and you can succeed. These phrases, we hear all the time from people of considered "higher status", are words of inspiration for those who follow their work. Yet, do we really understand what these words mean?

 Spring of 2007, a boring day after school hanging out with my new friend, once enemy (whooole other story), Matt. We were chilling by his computer watching videos on YouTube when he had the idea of showing me this video he found. "UK's Best Freerunners" was the name of this video, who would think this 6:16 video would take my life on a crazy adventure. While watching this video, I realized I could perform some of these movements and quite possibly, the flips and more difficult jumps as well. Inspired as my little heart was, I set out to work the following weeks on learning the basics of Parkour. This is where my life would change.

As my new found love for Parkour grew, I became obsessed. I did nothing but train, watch Parkour and Freerunning videos, and when I talked, I only wanted to talk about Parkour. A few months in, the friendships I had around me seemed to diminish. Not because I didn't like them anymore, (though to be honest a few were a******s, but a few were actually pretty cool and smart) it was because my life was consumed by Parkour and those around me, just didn't understand. With time and life's lessons, we tend to learn who stays and go's in our lives, as we grow older. Tis natural :D

Any who, as time went on and my skills and training progressed, I found myself spending a lot of time alone. Now understand, this is not a bad thing, it allowed me time to really look into my life. Through parkour, I used meditative techniques to help conquer numerous training fears, which led me to daily meditative practice. Skip a few years.

Fall of 2011, I skipped my morning trigonometry class at the community college I was attending. Why I thought it was smart to schedule early classes for myself, I'll never know. While relaxing outside, waiting for the class to end so I could head to art, I decided to train a little. After a few vaults, I went for a wall flip, as I came down I heard someone shout from behind me "Hey!". Turning around, I was greeted by this guy who had a giant grin on his face and just the friendliest vibes "Jornathan" or "Jmonk" was his name. We talked for a few minutes as he told me of a local Parkour group called "Buffalo Parkour and Free Running" or "BFPK" for short. Before leaving for my class, I got his number and we talked about training soon. 

A few weeks later, Jmonk introduced me to the community and for the first time in 4 years, I had felt at home. Greg, Craig, Anthony, Max, Max, Pavel, Roman and so many more! We pushed each other to train hard and I progressed faster than I had ever before in my life. After a few months of training together, a few of us decided to get together and form a performance/teaching group. Our name, "Chaotic Family". We lasted for a year, performed under a Nik Wallana act, performed for kids, concerts, music videos and even traveled out to Washington D.C. to attend American Parkour's Beast Coast Jam. Before leaving, I sold my xbox 360 to ensure I'd have no excuse to train. On the road trip to D.C. Kai, Jmonk and I, went through the risk of almost being driven off a hill by a crazy mad truck driver. We jammed our wrists, smashed our knees, cut our legs, Suffered a car crash brought on by a stolen car cash (we didn't steal anything I promise...), ate authentic food in china town, slept on the streets of our nations capital for a night, literally the concrete. I used a star wars, hard covered book as a pillow. I laugh every time I think about it. We stayed the entire Jam and was even given food, love and a place to stay the following night by the loving Mark TooRock. Thanks again bro <3.

After the trip I came home and a few months later, I began and operated the first and only Parkour/FreeRunning/Tricking classes existing in Buffalo/Lockport, NY. I had numerous students and even brought in team members to help teach at times.

The following year however, no one really wanted to work on pushing the team anymore and everyone was going there own routes in life. Already experiencing this before in life, I quickly re-established myself as an independent athlete, while still keeping my friends close. After attending Beast Coast for the 2nd year in a row, but the 1st time traveling alone, I had come home and built my video, photography, lessons and performances around the name Eagle or Free Run Eagle (on social media).

After a year and a half, my parkour class was canceled due to a lack of attraction. What can I say, other than I tried my best right?

I trained and trained and trained, every free hour I had, every breath I took, was dedicated to landing that front flip cleaner, landing that side flip precision cleaner, tighten my spins, reach for more height. I broke my training skills down to 3 different methods. Parkour dedicated day, Flips dedicated day, Flow/Free Running dedicated day, so on and so forth. 

2014 rolled around and with it came the opening of the very first Parkour gym, located in Williamsville/ Buffalo, NY. "The Next Level". After training so hard and becoming a more prominent figure within the Parkour community, I had worked with the owners with building their website, launching their gym, running it on the weekends and teaching a "Foundations of Flow" class. Sadly however, after only being open for 3 months, the gym was forced to closed due to claiming Bankruptcy. Yet again, a parkour area and class of mine, had closed.

Not wanting to give up on teaching, I decided to begin teaching my own private classes in the start of that Summer. As an independent athlete, I had continued to find ways to perform in the various events that take place in my city every year. This I would do until the next Summer, the Summer of 2015, when I was approached with the opportunity of playing as Spider-Man in events and parties. Being the spider-man fan I was, I jumped on the opportunity. After a few months of parties, the gigs began to dwindle and in the early spring of 2016 I relinquished my position as spider-man. 

I had hit a road block. Numerous obstacles had entered my life at this time and I didn't know what to do. The engagement to my fiance had ended, loved ones were hurting and others dying, my personal life had become a wreck and so I had to step away from the scene for a bit.

In the late fall of 2016, my friend Matt, had given me a Go Pro camera for my birthday. Wanting a Go Pro from the day I had started filming my Parkour career, I was ecstatic as ever. I wanted to use it right away so my friends could see my adventures. Without a moments notice, I went out and shot what would later become the first episode to a Parkour and Free Running series, that has not only re-sparked my love and dedication for the movement, but has pushed me to keep a goal. Eagle Eye Adventures, is the name of the series, E.E.A. for short. An original trilogy prototype of the series was released in November. With the Official release of E.E.A in March 2017. 

This video series has pushed me to be more creative then I have ever been when it comes to editing and producing film. It's even pushed me to take my Parkour and Free running skills to a whole new level, by exploring new environments (dangerous and non), navigating alternate situations and keeping myself on a schedule, when it comes to releasing content.

So there ya have it, straight up to the the current. Now I know I've left out the running of events but those are mainly the communities support, I just yell lol now as any Tracuer or Free Runner would tell you, I've hit the concrete, I've tasted my own blood, I've had concussions, I've had fractures, gashes, sprains, cuts, bruises and broken toes. Smashed fingers, ripped hands and fallen from exhaustion. All of these injuries sound like I would want to stop right? Never. Every cut, every bruise, is a lesson on where I should have been moving slower, paying more attention or perhaps even moving faster. This movement is my love and my life.

I hope you understand and if not, may the  videos I release help you achieve an understanding.

I Love You All and I Hope You All have a Remarkable Day! Much Love <3 

- Eagle