Eagle Eye Adventures

Season 1

Eagle Eye Adventures

E.E.A. is a series in which I, Eagle, adventure through various locations using Parkour and Free Running, alongside some climbing, to play and explore abandoned buildings, fields, forests, bridges, streets, gyms, homes, and more!

"Keep an Eye to the Sky"

Albright Heights


I'd like to Thank The Monkey Vault Movement Training Center for being such an Amazing and Inspiring Parkour gym, for the youth, community, and myself.

Old Worlds & New

As we advance into the fields of technology, our surroundings seem to change with it. With that in mind, we must remind ourselves to venture back into the old and forgotten, while embracing the new as well. We are nature.


Though we may journey through this life of our own, we are never truly alone. This video is dedicated to the ones I love, who have been pushing me and pushing me to be greater in every aspect, when it comes to this movement.

Look Up

The Storm is always at its Darkest, before the Dawn. There are times in life where many of us struggle and find it hard to keep pushing forward. Don't let those times stop you. We must remember to look up and find the beauty within, the peace that keeps us standing and the inner fire, that pushes us along.


Concrete Jungle

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle. The home we've crafted for ourselves and others. Away from the dangerous creatures that lurk in the night, only for ourselves to become the very creatures we fear. Become the creature or become the prey, you decide.


A Place of Horrors Wonders, where creatures of the night appear before your very eyes, Laughing, as you try to survive. Screams echo through abandoned halls as the dead awaken, demons lurk for prey, psychos run a may, and death comes speaking your very name.



Life is but a series of events, constantly overlapping each other in synchronistic sequences. As we journey through our lives, we discover many steps forward and many steps back. Just keep in mind, that the journey may also be the destination,


The 1st Adventure

Recap Video

The 1st of many to come. It's crazy to see where this series has taken me through out 2017. Everywhere from abandoned buildings, traveling 1,000's of miles across the country alone, embarking on crazy adventures with friends, meeting new people, seeing new places and embracing my fears.