Eagle Eye Adventures

Season 2

Just A Dream

This whole thing started out as a simple dream for many years. Once the opportunity arrived, I turned my dream into a reality as I began to explore my roots, while pushing past fears and exploring new areas. As the name states, it started as Just A Dream.

Rabbit Hole

How far do you wish to go down the rabbit hole? I guess it depends on how far you want to get away from your current perception of reality. No matter how far you go, You'll never be same.

"We're all mad here!" - Cheshire Cat.

Beast Coast 2018

American Parkour's Beast Coast 2018! Friends, Family, Parkour, Nature and Love. Nothing describes this jam more.


Time, a construct of the human mind. A measurement of change. Rather its the suns rays or an older age. Time, watch it fly by.


Time and change will always be linked, for one is the effect of the other, vise versa A constant reminder that nothing is permanent. except changes.


The eyes of Odin are crows in the trees. High above they see all, while below, their not seen at all. Among the steal and concrete, I perch along them. A viewing of my own, an eagle's eye.


City Flow

I've recently moved back into the city after being away for 2 years. This is how one of my typical walks through the streets go! I welcome you to my City Flow!


The 2nd Adventure

(Recap Video)

Another year come and gone, filled with adrenaline fueled adventures and endless possibilities! Surrounded by those I love and those who yearn to feel life to its fullest Taking even bigger risks, changing perspectives and reaching higher for goals like never before.